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The Financial Crisis, Fashion and a Little Glamour

By Aline Conus


In a season tainted by a slower growth in China and a financial crisis in the west, where does the austerity of the times lead us fashion-wise? Well, for my inaugural column in TALK this month, I selected the outfit pictured below since it embodies the main trends of the season: austerity and purity.

Discreet beige top, sleek lines, pure cut – is it Calvin Klein? Celine? Yves Saint Laurent? Max Mara? Joseph? Nicole Farhi? Bally? Maje? Looking for the brand behind this pretty blouse, I screened a few hundred fashion ads and fashion websites desperately trying to find THE one.

Oh… I forgot to mention this is my hobby. I take pictures of women in Shanghai and then select the best looks and identify the items they are wearing. It gives me a truly unique perspective on fashion in Shanghai and a special insight into the soul and heart of Shanghainese women. The pastime has nurtured my love of fashion in Shanghai very dearly over the years.

Coming back to the beige top, it is so much at the heart of the autumn/winter collections that it could be from any of these labels really. Purity and plain beige clothes seem to be the translation of the more austere world economy.

An essential part of this well-put together ensemble, the classy timeless bicolour clutch is very much in the air these days. Tandem combinations of colours are ubiquitous, whether with the red and white 1960s style from Prada or the oh-so-Parisian black and white looks that are everywhere from underwear to coats and scarves for the upcoming brutally cold winter economic forecast.  Old classics and investment pieces that can be worn throughout seasons are back with a strong focus on investment pieces when it comes to ladies’ fashion.Speaking of timeless pieces for the upcoming season, the skinny jean is a must have for any lady’s wardrobe. They’re my best friend on Saturday night, and just as much on Friday morning when I’m running late to the office.

The exception to the austerity and purity of the look, these 12 centimetre shiny open pumps are the detail that brings that little dose of glamour we all love and are reminiscent of Jimmy Choo or Louboutin, the two designers who still come up with the most glamour-chic shoes in spite of the gloomy season ahead for the economy.

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